Blog Assignment #10-Part 1

Mashable’s blog post


MyMission2 is a website that is designed to help people achieve their goals. That is, it allows people to put in what they excel at, and users can search for a certain topic they need help in. This is something that could be useful for people trying to find a mentor, or just to be able to learn about a certain topic. Since it works both ways, users of the website have the capabilities to help others, and be helped. For instance, if one user excels at fishing, and another user is skilled at surfing, then they could communicate about how to do these different activities. Perhaps eventually they would be capable of surfing and fishing at the same time. Doubtful.

This website is helpful for the world of technology, because it could give advice on how to use different parts of the internet. For example, if one person has knowledge about RSS, and another has an understanding of Photoshop, then they could feed off of each other’s skills.

In looking at this website, people have asked for help in a variety of different things. They range anywhere from learning how to tie a tie, to learning how to live forever. It seems that some goals are a bit more realistic than others.


One Response to “Blog Assignment #10-Part 1”

  1. David Ashford Says:

    Hi Andrew

    Thanks for reviewing the site. We’ve only just gone live with our full public beta and it’s inevitable that we’re getting a few unrealistic and silly missions published. I’m hoping these will fade off when people get to understand the real value in mymission2.

    Basically, people help each other to achieve their goals in life. When publishing a mission, you are asked what sort of person is most likely to be able to help you so that we can provide some accurate matching … we only alert a small number of people about the mission but these are the people that are most likely to be able to help.

    We also capture some detailed information about you so that we can use this data to match you up to someone who needs help. We’ve found that people are really supportive of the “social contract” (if you want help achieving your goals then you have to be prepared to help others achieve theirs).

    We’re pleased with the way things are going at this early stage in our existence and we have some exciting plans for new functionality based on feedback from our users.

    Many thanks again

    David (co-founder of mymission2)

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